The fate of the world lies in the hand of one woman, and in her other hand a chainsaw.

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Barbara drives an old Cadillac down a two lane highway, nervously smoking a cigarette. Jill sits in the back seat frantically looking at Tony, who has a bite mark on his arm oozing black liquid. He starts sweating heavily. He tries to grab their gun; they've all seen what happens when you get bitten. Barbara tries to keep control of their car while trying to get the gun from Tony. She notices a zombie in the road and quickly swerves out of the way. The car starts to smoke, and Barbara glances around the area. She realizes that they're in the middle of nowhere, with nothing in sight but an old shack. While she's distracted, Tony succeeds in shooting himself. The sound of the gunshot attracts the zombies in the area. In a matter of seconds, Jill and Barbara find themselves surrounded.

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